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Long Distance Towing Service in Martinez, CA

As Martinez’s leading towing services provider, Towing Legend provides a wide range of towing services, which includes long-distance towing.

What Exactly Is Long Distance Towing?

Any type of tow that extends to a longer distance than a regular local (in-city) tow is referred to as a “long-distance tow”.  There are many reasons that local drivers or companies need long-distance towing services, for instance: if you have purchased a car from another city (or sold a car to someone in another city) you might need to have the car towed there, exotic or show cars are often towed long distance to shows, exhibitions or even to be used in the shooting of a movie or TV series. Car owners moving to a different city might have their cars towed long distance, construction or agricultural companies often have heavy equipment towed to remote sites, which are a long distance from the original location. We have provided long-distance towing for damaged vehicles whose owners wanted to have them repaired in a specific location outside of Martinez, CA.

Towing Legend’s long-distance towing does not only cover cars and heavy equipment – we have also provided long-distance towing for motorcycles, boats, RVs, and other heavy loads.

What Should I Know About Long Distance Towing?

Long-distance towing, unlike local emergency towing, must be planned for. We at Towing Legend are always happy to talk to you to see how we can meet your needs and arrange your tow for you.

Towing Legend is a fully licensed and insured company and that is very important when it comes to long-distance towing. We always do our best to get your cargo safely to its destination.

We work with highly skilled, professionally trained, and certified towing operators who have lots of experience with long-distance towing of different types of vehicles. Feel free to ask about the operator who will be taking care of your cargo, their certification and experience, and what type of truck and equipment they will be using.

At Towing Legend we are always happy to provide all this information, we like it when our customers feel like they are part of the towing process.

We will ask for information such as:

  • Pick up location
  • Drop off location
  • Requested date and time of drop off (using this we will work out when we need to pick the car up, do not forget that different dates and times will require different driving times due to weather and traffic conditions, along with other factors
  • Kind of cargo (vehicle or equipment) you need to be towed
  • Condition of the cargo

Once we have all the information we need about your tow, we will prepare an affordable price quote and a towing plan tailored especially for you.

Why Choose Towing Legend of Martinez?

At Towing Legend we work with a network of affiliate towing truck operators, and that means that we get to work with the best professionals around. We will choose the person most experienced and suited to get the job you need to be done.

As a local Martinez company, we always provide fast and reliable services. Our operators are on duty 24 hours a day, so we are always available if you need our assistance with an emergency tow or roadside assistance.

Towing Legend provides many different types of towing services, for all makes and models of cars, motorcycles, and heavy vehicles.

  • Local or long-distance towing
  • Light-duty towing
  • Motorcycle towing
  • 24HR towing service
  • Dolly towing
  • Emergency Towing
  • Heavy-duty towing
  • Flatbed towing
  • Bus Towing Services
  • Emergency towing
  • Accident removal
  • Any other type of towing

We also provide Roadside Assistance:

Give us a call at (925) 269-2473 to find out more, ask about our prices, or schedule a long-distance tow.